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The Best National Parks: The Poet’s Muses

It is the rush of adrenaline that makes campers make trips time and again. There is nothing better than hitting a trail in a national park or setting up a camp fire in the middle of the night. Earth has blessed humanity with some of the most breath-taking visual treats and in order to make the most of the invigorating experience that comes with camping, you ought to know the right places to go to.

If you are looking for national parks in North America, you have a plethora of options to choose from. National parks are mostly located in an area of countryside and are protected lands for wild life preservation open to the general public.

Some of the best national parks in the continent are –

The Smokies

One of the most visited national parks and the most sought after outdoor camping location, The Smokies gives you 800 miles of hiking trails. From rugged mountains to countless waterfalls, the area is rich in natural beauty that would leave you wanting more. Founded in 1940, the park is open throughout the year and gives the visitors plenty to indulge in across all seasons.


Spread across 1,200 miles, this national park attracts around 3 million visitors every year. Your visit would be synonymous to an exhilarating outdoor camping experience. With the giant granite cliff, this rock climber’s paradise has a lot to offer. The national park came into existence in 1890 and since then it has remained one of the most popular locations for campers.

Yellowstone National Park

The place is for grizzly bear lovers. The chances of your wife being a big fan of grizzly bears are on the higher side if you live in North America and therefore this makes for a perfect location to go to with your family. Geysers in the area attract as many as 3 million visitors every year. Established in 1872 in Wyoming, Yellowstone was America’s first national park.

Olympic National Park

If you were looking to find it all – pristine beaches, rain forest valleys, glaciers and flora and fauna, Olympic National Park is the place to be. Named a national park in 1938, the park attracts 3 million campers every year. If you’re visiting Seattle, you would not want to miss this national park.

The Colorado Rockies

About 2.5 million campers visit this lush green natural park in Colorado. Boasting of over 60 mountains and wonderful trails, this national park is most visited in the winters.


If you’ve ever heard Bob Marley, you must have heard of Zion. The Zion national park is based in Utah and almost 2.5 million people visit the national park every year. Also promoted as a wildlife sanctuary, this national park gives you the opportunity to hit the 15 mile long gash that reaches almost half a mile into the earth.

The Grand Tetons

Spanning almost 500 square miles, this national park is an epitome of natural beauty. Founded in 1950, this national park consists of nine rugged peaks and lots of grassland and glacial lakes at the base of these peaks. The national park is not open throughout the year but is a great place to go in the winters.

Cuyahoga Valley

The national park was added to the list in 2000 when it was officially announced to be a national park. With its 60 foot Brandywine Falls, this national park in Ohio attracts campers from all over the world and is a perfect treat for those seeking some peace of mind in the raw nature.


Acadia National park is one of Maine’s most attractive places and brings to the visitors 30,000 acres of forest and a fine stretch of rocky shoreline which is a treat to even imagine, let alone living the experience. The park is mostly open throughout the year but summers are the best time to visit.

Mount Rainier

One of the hidden locations on Earth, this place is said to be floating in the clouds. Largely known for its mountains, snowfall, wildflower meadows and rainstorms, this place is bound to give you an invigorating experience.

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